Counseling For Wellness, Inc.

3285 South County Trail, Suite 2B
East Greenwich, RI  02818

Phone: (401) 282-9502

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Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
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Tammy L. Garceau, LICSW, CIMI                                                        
It is possible 
to reduce stress, 
to learn new skills, and 
to live a healthier and happier life.

The mission of Counseling For Wellness, Inc. is to provide supportive, strength-based counseling services to  individuals and families.  We believe in developing positive, trusting, and productive counseling relationships with our clients, as they strive to reach their personal goals.  

We work with individuals and families to identify personal and community resources that will assist our clients in obtaining optimal wellness.  We welcome and offer collaboration with primary physicians, school personnel, and other care providers in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of each person we work with.  Counseling For Wellness, Inc. will also work with individuals to facilitate referrals for additional services whenever necessary.